Kayleigh & Simon Leeds pre-wedding

Spent a great afternoon wandering round the bottom of Leeds with these two, found some great patches of light on our travels! Just goes to show with the right people and the right light you can create beautiful photographs just about anywhere! Although yeah, the Corn Exchange is a pretty stunning backdrop too!


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Lena & Kerim Meanwood pre-wedding

A wonderfully sunny afternoon with my friends Lena and Kerim, and their gorgeous dog Bella (plus little Charlie who they were dogsitting!) in and around our  village, Meanwood on the outskirts of Leeds ahead of their wedding in Edale in a couple of weeks.Quick pint in Alfred next to our studio, a walk through the woods, another quick pint up at the fantastic Myrtle Taven, then back down to the chippy for tea. This is my job, that I get paid for! Really looking forward to the wedding and catching up with some great friends!

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Sophie & Johnny Leeds pre-wedding photography

After a few month of chatting to these guys as they travelled around South America it was great to have them back in the country and finally meet up on a delightfully ‘Yorkshire’ day for their Leeds pre-wedding photography session. By ‘Yorkshire’ I obviously mean grey and drizzly which I’m sure had novelty value for them if nothing else! By ‘pre-wedding photography session’ I obviously mean a couple of beers and a wander round town getting to know each other a bit so it’s all a little more relaxed come the wedding.

Colourful Leeds pre-wedding photo

I actually really enjoy having something challenging like a rainy day to work with, it’s good for the creativity! Johnny used to live in Leeds, but left ten years ago, which coincidentally is around the time I arrived here – at least I think it’s a coincidence!  It was interesting seeing how it had changed since he’d left.

Spent a fun afternoon ducking in and out of doorways and carparks trying not to get too soggy, I love how the photos came out, particularly the window lit ones towards the end of the set, taken in the Trinity Kitchen food court hidden behind a taco van so the security guards didn’t kick us out haha, I love finding little patches of light in places where you’re not really supposed to be taking photos, keeps me on my toes!

Really looking forward to their wedding in Cracoe, which they have now assured me is in Yorkshire and not Poland, which I’m pretty pleased about! Will be the first wedding I’ve shot where the celebrants are all four of the couple’s brothers, sounds like it’s going to be a right laugh!

I’m fairly certain not very many people at all read all the way to the end of these, and my Google-juice-expert friend says I have to write three hundred words, which thanks to this paragraph I’ve now done. If you’re still reading do comment and let me know!

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Kerri & Sam Yorkshire Pre Wedding Photography

Pre-wedding photograph in Yorkshire, black and white photo, couple smiling at each other


I took the train a few stops to Hebden Bridge in Yorkshire on Sunday for a pre-wedding photography session with these two lovebirds. Kerri and Sam found me while  browsing Rock My Wedding, and came across a session I’d shot for Jess and Chris on their house boat in London, which struck a chord with them as they live on the water too! They told me they’d assumed I was London based, so were very pleased to discover I’m in Yorkshire like them!  Although their boat used to be moored in Hebden Bridge they’ve since moved on so we just had a wander round the beautiful town in the sunshine and went to a couple of pubs, which is pretty much my idea of a perfect Sunday!

The first place we went, the Blue Pig was completely brilliant, a real old school working men’s club where two and a half pints of a very tasty locally brewed American-style pale ale and a couple of packets of crisps came in at less than the cost of one pint in Leeds city centre! It was great sitting out in the sunshine by the river and hearing about Kerri and Sam’s travels and discussing their plans for the wedding, particularly looking forward to seeing Kerri’s dress as she’s in the process of setting up her own bridal wear business, looking forward to collaborating on some shoots with her in the future!  We then took a stroll back along the river into to town to find Hebden was in full swing, very much living up to it’s reputation with lots of live music and people burning incense in the street! I could have stayed there all evening to be honest but had to get back to Leeds for my tea. I’m really looking forward to their wedding, I feel like having met them it’s going to be a super chilled affair, and pretty excited they’ve got not one but two live bands playing, so I will have to make sure I’m wearing my dancing shoes!